2022 Specialized Aethos

In 2022 I finally joined the modern era and bought a carbon-framed road bike: a 2022 Specialized Aethos. The reviews were quite convincing, describing it as “for riders who prioritise handling and ride quality above aerodynamics” and that’s me!

I enjoy distinctive style, but was partly attracted to the classic appearance. So I opted for the S-Works frame which in 2022 was the only way to get a subtle colorway. Mine is “Cool Grey/Chameleon Eyris Tint” which means grey with an almost lavendar irredescence if you look closely under sunlight. I would have preferred the brushed silver of the “Founders Edition” but those are made of unobtainium.

I prioritized contact points: Kaptein Tweewielers built it for me with 2022 Ultegra Di2 components, Mavic Cosmic SLR 32 wheels, and Specialized’s fanciest saddle and integrated handlebars.

According to my bathroom scale, it weighs in at 7.0 kg. I certainly don’t need a bike this light, but it feels good to ride and is very convenient to carry.