King Freret IX

In 2020 I was King Freret IX.

The local press introduced me as “His Majesty” and covered the parade more times than I care to track down. The national press was conspicuously silent on the matter.

France 2 sent journalists to cover our parade as part of their mid-day news. I am intereviewed briefly in the first and last of their daily segments:

(As of August 2023, these videos are missing from France TV’s site. If they don’t return, I will eventually find a place to host the copies I downloaded.)

The February 24th introduction starts with our Krewe, profiles Margarita Bergen and one of the Lucha Krewe dancers, and concludes with my arrival.

L'esprit de la Nouvelle-Orléans souffle déjà sur sa majesté et sa valisons. La fête va pouvoir décoller.

The second segment gets into some neighborhoods, history, and Bobby giving a tour of our floats.

The third surveys costuming, king cake, and the amazing Lucha Krewe.

The fourth covers the indians, Krewe of Cork walking parade, and Original Illinois Club debutante ball. You can see me being Bobby’s personal audience at the end.

The final segment on February 28th is all about our parade day.

Your King appears about two minutes in.