Lived in Munich

Frog wanted me to help with setting up their German studio which was moving to Munich. To enable this, they hired Shannon and re-located us for a short stay. Even after acclimating to business travel and having been to Europe several times, it was a new level of adventure to really live abroad, and getting over the initial shocks really made the idea of it more approachable forever.

We both had regular business trips to London (sometimes together) and spent many weekends visiting other cities on the continent. This is when we found Amsterdam and knew we’d like to try living there in the future.

The original plan was to stay for 3 months, but after that we were asked if we’d like to relocate longer-term. We had just bought a house in Seattle, and after traveling around we felt Munich was not the most interesting place to be, so we stayed on for only a little longer and then took a nice long trip home.