Moved to Amsterdam

After Munich Shannon and I were hungry for more such grand experiences. We volunteered for a similar dual assignment in Australia, but the Seattle studio insisted we were too valuable. Eventually, I was recruited for an opportunity to open a new studio in Mumbai and we insisted on another trip for a few months.

Serendipitously, the larger plans changed and the project team was shifted to Amsterdam. We agreed to this more “boring” situation under the condition of a long-term relocation. At frog that meant spending 2 years away and then being expected to return to your home studio. You don’t get the same expense account as a business trip, but there are still many perks.

Our initial apartment was in an amazing location, with top-floor balcony on the Prinsengracht where we watched the Sinterklaas parade. It had been arranged in a hurry, though, and we could only stay for 6 months until the owner returned.