Mexican Christmas and Florida funeral

13 nights starting

Mexico City

The viaducts have sophisticated advertising in them, with illuminated highlights. Billboards and LED displays are commonplace. There’s a lot of loglow.

I’ve lived at sea level too long to thrive at this altitude.

CDMX feels like everycity: Chicagoland from the highway, LA while on long walks, Berlin when strolling in Roma

There are payphones!

People are very polite and friendly. Including in service roles, but they are not proactive or even helpful problem solvers. But very friendly.

Traffic etiquette is good, on roads and sidewalks

Food is great, so much diversity!

Wealth disparity is segregated, but unignorable. (Not as visible as in SF or NYC but, the barking is overwhelming)


I only despise Florida more the longer I spend away from American patterns. The landscape is little more than a large-scale grid of massive roads, and it is often a long drive to traverse short distances as you wait for traffic signals while making several turns just to work within that grid. On foot, crossing roads that don’t even qualify as highways can require spanning 8 car lanes.

It drains my soul.

  1. 7 nights at JW Marriott in Mexico City
  2. 4 nights at Courtyard by Marriott in Fort Myers