Riga for Canonical sprints

12 nights starting

One week of product roadmap meetings, a weekend of Ubuntu Summit, then a week of engineering planning meetings. Very productive, very exhausting.

I would have liked to see more of Riga, but at least I got the chance to explore the old center in the daylight after landing on Sunday. And the second week’s meetings were held at a convention center 4km from my hotel, which was just right for a wlking commute for 5 days. A few observations:

Powered standing scooters on sidewalks are a menace. I’m very glad Amsterdam has delayed their invasion.

The city center is basically a gentrified rich neighborhood for the entire country. It’s super charming, especially this time of year when cruise ships aren’t around.

The path to the ATTA convention center quickly led beyond this area to a more run-down city with potholes, incomplete sidewalks, and decaying wooden buildings. Tt felt a lot like the unloved parts of St. Louis.

Outside the car-free old town area, car traffic is as intense as anywhere during rush hour. As a pedestrian, it is clear that your passage is lower priority. Nonetheless, there are plenty of people out walking, including schoolkids alone, which makes it feel safe.

  1. 12 nights at Radisson Blu Latvija in Riga