Joe Biden is not electable.

Holding party process sacrosanct, even as society evolves more quickly than it can adapt, is a greater betrayal of progressive values than "putting our thumb on the scale.”

Arthur Laffer is a quintessential, Lochner-era defender of “the economy" over all other civic concerns. Nothing suits his legacy better than forever being associated with the name of Donald Trump. #medaloffreedom

There’s still one webOS feature Apple hasn’t copied yet: Exhibition (docked mode) would be great for iPads and a HomePod-ish dock.

Any chance we’ll see Oracle v. Google resolved before its ten-year anniversary (August 2020)?

Amsterdam is in constant flux. Almost 3% of the city’s population is coming or going each year, and the balance shifts dramatically.

(To read this chart, “geboorteovershot" is births, “buitenlands” is foreign, and “binnenlands" is domestic. Source: OIS)