“We can no longer pretend that Google is a positive force in the world.”

When we’re done with this fruitless impeachment, can move on to arranging Trump’s damnatio memoriae?

It’s pitiful that the US worldview has become so red-vs-blue that we debate which side the Hong Kong protestors are on.

Their left and right are fighting together for representative democracy. Democrats and Republicans ought to stand together for that.


Your giant SUV doesn’t make you safe, it makes you more likely to die, more likely to kill, and more damaging to the earth. Driving one of these buses with less than a bus load of passengers marks you as an asshole.

Sarah Pitlyk may be a good match for the politics of her new post, but I’m struggling to see the fine line between her only-the-fertile-may-reproduce-and-they-must ideology and eugenics.

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