I am dismayed to find I can only remember enough cities to account for a quarter of the US population.

‪I’ve looked up murder rates (intentional homicides annually per 100k residents) for cities where I have lived.‬

‪Seattle, one of the safest cities in the US: 4‬

‪Amsterdam, by far the most dangerous city in the Netherlands: 2‬

‪St. Louis, which I thought was normal: 63‬

Will we send the same message about the corrosive impact of perjury on our legal system or will we simply lower our standards for the nation’s chief law enforcement officer? – Mitch McConnell

iOS 13.1 just fixed the abacus emoji. Here’s how to read the new one. (Apple was founded on April 1, 1976.)


What Grade of Citizen Are You?

Remember all the “news” reports about us evolving new bones because of smartphones? The study wasn’t about new bones, had nothing to do with evolution, and has now been updated to avoid blaming smartphones: