People still don’t seem to be savvy enough to verify information they receive over Twitter or Facebook before acting on it.

@joshuakeating, 8 years ago

I’ve watched American political discourse evolve from “where do you stand on the small set of issues we discuss today” to “are you Crips or Bloods.” I’m still not quite sure how this happened and really don’t want to be anybody’s base.

Isn’t it nice to imagine airports following shopping malls into irrelevance? #trainsbeforeplanes

Oh, this seems like a fine time to get rid of the people who hold the White House accountable for preserving records.

Technology will not save us, but technophobia may kill us.

Blanket fear of GMO is harmful similarly as anti-vax sentiment:

I find it slightly disturbing that the description for this warfighter readiness assessment program cites “92 percent of adults in the United States”.