1. Looking for “objective and administrable” definitions from biology is naive magical thinking.

    If you don’t grasp the distinctions between sex and gender, you should not be even discussing civil rights.

  2. You should watch Hannah Gadsby’s “Nanette”. You will laugh, you will cry, and you may learn a few things about communication, comedy, and being human.

  3. I wish I could experience USWS like dolphins and Martian rovers.

  4. Tonight I met a southern Dutch, white man who spent a few months in a backwater US college. He knows racism—apparently the shape of his eyes is vaguely Indonesian.

    He ‘splained to me that Hillary Clinton is more racist than Trump.

    I did not push him into a canal. #restraint

  5. Tonight’s schedule: - Rum - Mezcal - Scotch - Rye - Sake - Pimms - Vodka - Water

  6. I’ve reached a strange milestone. Returning from India to Amsterdam comes with more micro culture shock than the initial arrival in India.

    So I’m trying to find studies of how expectations affect context switches, but haven’t found much.

  7. Feynman described magnets as the result of many electrons in alignment magnifying the electromagnetic force.

    Now it’s haunting me that these two words have no common etymology.

  8. I have a controversial opinion: there are some, but not many, problems that can be solved with a blockchain.


  9. TFW you choose an especially clever passphrase and want to share it.

  10. I’m loving the @omata but the ascent dial is unnecessary in Holland.

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