Week 2292

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Micro.blog is reaching Twitter milestones very quickly. Already I want a "mute sports" feature.

Itai Vonshak has a serious knack for developing the right product, incredibly well designed, before the world is ready.

The GOP is disavowing their own openly-Nazi candidate for IL-3, but will they ask themselves why the Democrats don't have this problem?

Our Dutch housekeeper called us “the cleanest people (and cats) on planet earth” and I'm not sure if I should be proud or OCD-embarrassed.

Investors apologizing for creating the web and designers regretting addictive social media are wishfully imagining themselves as creators. #humbleguilt

Some of the smartest analysts in the industry today are also socially ignorant and myopic. (I’m looking at you, Ben Thompson.) So I diligently follow but try to balance with enough SJWs in my umwelt.

One of my favorite places in Amsterdam is the result of an Englishman, Canadian, and South African. So of course they use Cajun seasoning and the vibe reminds me of Seattle.