Week 2357

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Work is becoming more relaxed. There’s no danger of boredom, but I spend less time feeling urgency. That might change, soon, but it feels like an accomplishment to have a handle on my current scope.

I feel pretty good, lately, about the top-level leadership in the company. Middle management has plenty of struggles ahead, though, with disruptions to the status quo.

It was a busy social week, including an office opening party by the friend’s agency that has recently subsumed different friends’ agency. It’s strangely liberating to feel like the mantle of entertaining has been passed on from The Artificial.


5 Notes

Have I become too paranoid, that I worry this could be politically motivated? https://apnews.com/86e17a4f133046d9a054b68e7cd675cf

I love this idea about the origin of apocolypse stories as a response to Systemsized time: We invented eternity, but the infinite is overwhelming, so we then invented end times. https://aeon.co/essays/when-time-became-regular-and-universal-it-changed-history

This musing on Rotterdam offers no simple answers to our current culture wars, but brings valuable perspective. https://www.the-american-interest.com/2019/04/29/the-city-of-europes-future/

America needs to build an inclusive economy, but there is other work to be done as well.

This thread is full of reactions to a video of an intersection I ride through every day. I should revisit this periodically as a reminder that our normal is actually special.


This story about Ice XVIII is delightful. Simulations of “too computationally difficult to solve” physics make predictions, real experiments test, now we can trust the simulations.