Week 2366

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Berlin last weekend was fun, of course. The Werkbundarchiv is just what I remembered: a remarkable design history museum that doesn’t call itself a design or history museum. Anyone involved in the design of products should pay it an attentive visit.

Having a house guest was a very new experience.

I’m noticing a lot of physiological manifestations of stress lately.


5 Notes

The future of regulation includes more data sharing between infrastructure firms and government. https://nltimes.nl/2019/07/09/amsterdam-uber-agree-traffic-safety-measures-fatal-accidents

It may be time to bring @WeAreNIMD to the US and teach America how to democracy.

I’m still enthusiastic about @KamalaHarris and @JayInslee, but after geeking out about housing policy (thanks to @DataProgress), I’m also ready to support @SenWarren.

The robots are coming, but all we have to do is train the humans in compassion, creativity, and social intelligence.


We’re doomed.