Week 2369

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Work is interesting as I gain more insights into organizational design activities. I have to be quite oblique about it, but can write that it amuses me how the same “we’ve got this” certainty that makes a corporation resistant to learning can also manifest in the process of applying what it has managed to learn.

Our US friends have just arrived, and Pride parade weekend is ahead of us. We’re doing karaoke in the middle of the street parties tonight and have a private party boat the day after the parade. I will have substantially fewer brain cells next week.

3 Notes

Clostridia is the new modafinil.

This description of some childhood imaginary friends made me sad I never had one. Is it too late? https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2019/07/why-do-kids-have-imaginary-friends/594919/

Some old advice of increasing relevance: “I constantly remind myself never to get used to seeing the cages.” https://stanfordmag.org/contents/the-menace-within