Week 2375

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At work, I’m learning more about potential futures for myself and my team, but nothing is concrete enough to plan with, yet. Still, increasing visibility is promising.

At home, we learned that a neighbor may move out in a few years. This would be a loss for the building, because she’s a great neighbor. But there’s potential for us to expand our house which is exciting enough to provoke our imaginations and cause us to rearrange the house a bit. Shannon’s studio is now downstairs.

The week’s highlight was probably Friday’s opening by Giorgiko.

2 Notes

Highly recommended: @matthewstoller’s “BIG” anti-monopoly newsletter. See this one on how the tech industry’s internet scale has been an algae bloom leaving no oxygen for market-driven innovation: https://mattstoller.substack.com/p/how-monopolies-broke-the-federal

My employer randomly sends out simulated phishing messages to test our vulnerability to social hacking. I’m legitimately impressed.