Week 2375

At work, I’m learning more about potential futures for myself and my team, but nothing is concrete enough to plan with, yet. Still, increasing visibility is promising.

At home, we learned that a neighbor may move out in a few years. This would be a loss for the building, because she’s a great neighbor. But there’s potential for us to expand our house which is exciting enough to provoke our imaginations and cause us to rearrange the house a bit. Shannon’s studio is now downstairs.

The week’s highlight was probably Friday’s opening by Giorgiko.

2 Notes

Highly recommended: @matthewstoller’s “BIG” anti-monopoly newsletter. See this one on how the tech industry’s internet scale has been an algae bloom leaving no oxygen for market-driven innovation: https://mattstoller.substack.com/p/how-monopolies-broke-the-federal

My employer randomly sends out simulated phishing messages to test our vulnerability to social hacking. I’m legitimately impressed.