Week 2384

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Changes are afoot at work, but not certain enough that I should be publishing about them. It is rare, but there are times like this when I think my weekly journal summary would be better kept private. Yet the tension about what I can and cannot write in public is also a useful trigger for contemplation.

On Tuesday I attended a company volunteering event of sorts where we planted trees with the Staatsbosbeheer (urban forestry department). It was less about contributing real labor and more about connecting white-collar workers to the land, but fun nonetheless. 🌳

I’m worried about my brother. Nothing too dramatic, but it’s noteworthy when I find myself worrying about anything, really.

Shannon is working hard on the Freret masks. Her aesthetic talents are wasted by capitalism.


3 Notes

America is working to put more CO2 in the atmosphere with driving.

St. Louis is up 50% per person since 1990.


I am suspicious of people who don’t talk to cats.