Week 2408

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The book is officially launched! But with no events, celebration is subdued.

Kings Day was a fantastic event, all things considered. Otherwise, just another week in pseudo-quarentine.



5 Notes

I feel like we should be worrying more about Hungary becoming a dictatorship than whether Italy is a good investment.

American culture has long glamorized risk-taking, to such an extreme that safety is frowned upon.

On the positive side, we got 20th century Silicon Valley.

On the negative side, we get 21st century Silicon Valley. And a lot of dead #COVID19 patients.

If you make this article more accurate by replacing the word “food” with “meat”, it sounds like fine news, long term, to me.

Donald Trump has a compass only for popularity. Americans, even “real” ones, both support lockdown and fear for the economic impact, so are not making any choices for him. Even Fox News fails to speak with certainty!

All he has left is ratings. The show will only get weirder.