Week 2410

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A 5-day workweek, bookended by 2-day weekends. How ordinary!

But not. I’m becoming more aware of my own pandemic anxiety. Work is not going poorly but I’m constantly disappointed I haven’t accomplished more. I feel trapped at home and frustrated at careless people when I’m outside. We’re staying up late tonight to Zoom into a virtual wedding ceremony 7 times zones away.

We have started entertaining other houses and even went to view one. This is partly motivated by genuine annoyance with some neighbors, but mostly is seeking inspiration. Considering possible futures that are different than continuing today feels a bit like travel. I think it’s important to keep the imagination engaged like this.

2 Notes

This is a nice overview of computational vs ecological models of perception. Everything is information but we are not Von Neumann machines with distinct inputs and outputs.

Just another Fox-era bit of news for Americans, but incomprehensible from outside: Michigan government shut down in fear of “an armed protest and death threats”