Week 2434

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I put our media server back online, but disabled The Daily Show. Life has been better without the regular dosing of outrage, however warrented.

We’re both finding the new house and neighborhood a bigger-than-expected upgrade to our state of mind. It’s hard to describe, but somehow it feels like our lives are back to a normal that we disrupted when we left frog. We share a sense that we took “scrappy” too far, but it’s very difficult to define and neither of us predicted the way we feel in hindsight.

My work scope and budget authority is set to grow next year, yet I don’t feel much about it. Only slight apprehension about reaching beyond my content expertise, and no pride in the trust placed on me because the opacity of the process gives me no comfort. Without any insight, I can just as easily ascribe the changes to stocastic coin tosses as I could attribute them to my performance so far.

Still, confident for the future. Very cautiously as the US election approaches and Dutch Covid wave persists.

1 Note

A justice of the Supreme Court doesn’t know how elections work. and in some states the USPS is now so slow it’s already too late to mail in your vote. This is fine.