Week 2440

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My mother’s sister, aunt Helen, has been moved to hospice. This makes me sad over being so disconnected from my cousins.

I’ve been meeting (via video, natch) one-on-one with every member of our program team. I’m learning a lot but the intention is to open up communication and help people feel recognized. It can be exhausting, though, to “meet” so many people in rapid succession!

On Friday we attended a party for Shannon’s workplace. It wasn’t too crazy, masks were usually worn, the space is large and well-ventilated, etc. Still, it ranks as one of our most incautious moments of the pandemic, and ended in excitement when the authorities arrived and everyone scurried away. Caught up in the thrill of being hunted, I ended up hiding in a dark alley but still got questioned by the police after later finding Shannon and beginning to walk home. No regrets, but it will be a long while before we take risks.

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Mixed signals: our Christmas tree is a living rental that will return to its farm for summer. Sometimes we have to update its firmware to keep the spatially mapped lighting safe from hackers.