Week 2457

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Good pace at work this week, it felt like the meeting load was “normal” for the first time since the shift to WFH. I’m afraid it’s a fluke.

We also had some show-off sessions that were very well received. There was some unnecessary political drama, but I’m learning not to react.

Shannon wanted to try Zwift so we bought a connected trainer. I was skeptical, and she was put off by the heavy focus on social activities. But then she tried Rouvy and liked it so much she “rode” Saturday and Sunday.

So now I’ve tried it. I get it. Just a TV and variable resistance is enough to give an adrenaline-soaked brain a taste of exploration, so my first virtual ride was a great workout and left me feeling like I got out of the house. We should have done this when the lockdowns started.

2 Notes

Even in a newsletter for readers “pissed off about the climate crisis”, the idea it is irresponsible to boast about your meat consumption is too radical for the commentariet.

We’re screwed.

Late capitalism alert: a logistics firm in my grocer’s supply chain got “hacked”, and now I can’t buy cheese in Holland.