Week 2464

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The big news is that I’m registered for vaccinations. I will be fully antibodied by August 1, so can start making plans to return to normal life. I’ve never felt so fortunate to make a dentist appointment.

Lots of riding outdoors this week, including mid-day on Wednesday which I took off to burn expiring holiday time. The new Abcoude route is growing on me.

Work is at a nice balance (not too stressful, not boring) lately.

2 Notes

News is dead.

In March 2018, Guillaume Rey sued Cara Operations in Canada for dismissing him, arguing that it"s discriminatory to judge a French person as “rude”. It is a funny, clickbait-ready story and was widely reported.

No one could be bothered to report on the outcome.

Today I was finally able to make my vaccine appointments. The first is 2 weeks from now, the second 5 weeks after that. Good news, but it’s bizarre that the location is far away; I will have to spent an hour on trains to get there.