Week 2469

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The return from Spain was uneventful, though the flight was stressful with mask-escaping noses plentiful and feral children being allowed to use the first row as a playground. Today (Sunday) we took a long walk to get tested and shorten our mandatory quarentine, the negative results came quickly and we ate out to enjoy our freedom. Outdoors, despite the too-aggresive lifting of restrictions here.

You really can feel “normal” coming.

I have a number of presentation moments coming at work, and considering them as a whole highlights the need for me to form a strong thread. So I’m trying to write a whitepaper to ground these various presentations. It’s harder than I expected, which increases my resolve to see it through.

1 Note

We’re still learning how to discuss the quality of AI training. I hope this concept becomes widespread: participatory data-collection, where tagging occurs in-context.