Week 2475

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More small steps to normal, this week. I went to the dentist (and can blame the pandemic-induced delay for needing to have my first wisdom tooth removed). Shannon get her second vaccine dose. We had furniture delivered for the roof deck, which turned out to be too big so I learned how simple it is, here, to rent a lift machine and someone to help.

I went to the office on Friday to bid a colleague farewell, and also spoke to a recruiter for the first time in a long while. I find myself imagining what my next role could be, and am sad to notice this is driven more by dissatisfaction, maybe even boredom, than a sense of accomplishment.

1 Note

I’ve recently discovered David Rutledge’s The Philosopher’s Zone and am bingeing on it.

Today I listened to an episode with Aileen Moreton-Robinson who (rightly) criticizes rationalist Enlightenment philosophy for being reductionist and understanding the world through segmentation, as opposed to her indigenous Australian tradition which focuses on the relationships between things and systems.

Shortly after this I listened to Steven Nadler describe Spinoza, my favorite Enlightenment precursor, as treating the relationships between things and their contexts within systems as fundamental to his ethics.

¯_(ツ)_/¯ philosophy contains multitudes.