Week 2478

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We both got approved for permanent residency in the Netherlands. This brings a new level of security to my state of mind, knowing we’ll be able to retire at home. We also now have the right to live elsewhere in the EU, and none of this is dependent on our employment.

It was a short work week for me, but nonetheless I was able to spend time wrapping up a lot of loose threads and really got to a good place before taking off for Berlin.

We spent several days in Berlin because Shannon was representing her company at some press events and panel discussions during an industry conference. This was her first time in this role, and she is quite a natural.

The experience of dancing in a Berlin club without social distancing or masks felt like the end of the pandemic, to me.


2 Notes

🇳🇱 Mijn langdurige verblijfsvergunning is geaccepteerd! (My permanent residency has been approved!)

This speculation is a nice counterpoint to my climate pessimism and distaste for Elon Musk.