Week 2497

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Everyone is back and work has picked up. The breathing room my calendar has enjoyed is nearly all gone. I feel mostly positive and in the typical start-of-year reflection and planning I am happy to feel so useful relative to past years.

Some long-awaited change has progressed forward and there are now a number of open positions in the org layer above me. At a higher pay grade, which appeals more to my ego (to get my career “back on track”) than my wallet. It seems to me I have about one more year in my current position before I feel “done”, but I shan’t wait because this wave of change is here and it will be a long time before such opportunity appears again. Colleagues have encouraged me to apply for several of them, but only one really appeals to me as a natural fit with plenty of challenge.

Unfortunately, Shannon has had a difficult start to the year with her work, so I haven’t talked with her about my own situation much.