Week 2499

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The big news of the week is Shannon testing positive. She pretty clearly caught it from a colleague at a dinner on Friday, but we have certainly been less careful. Wednesday we enjoyed the re-opening of bars at Bar Oldenhof, and I returned there on Friday.

I’m writing this on Monday, after we took a long walk to get official PCR tests. I’m negative, but she’s confirmed as the 125,001st case in the Netherlands today.

The important news is that her symptoms are quite mild so far. It seems likely that by next week she’ll count as recovered, and I hope I can avoid getting it (again?), and there’s little risk to our travel plans.

My brother is being weird about our plans to attend Mardi Gras and visit my mother. Where by “weird” I mean “persistently condescending and accusatory”. I’m trying not to engage.

Work has also been mildly exciting. Mostly with needless drama over how we structure reporting lines (we’ve shifted from prioritizing skill proximity to value proximity). As is often the case, the drama is due to communication approach rather than content; I don’t know how it ought to have been prevented except to reduce transparency.