Week 2504

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It’s been a quiet week. I only half-worked to catch up on my inbox, and Shannon took a week of holiday to recover from Mardi Gras (and Florida) with studio time.

There are effectively no more pandemic restrictions on public life, now. It’s quite refreshing and we’ve enjoyed a return to normal life trying new places to dine. Importantly, we’ve found passable deep-dish pizza and genuine NY-style bagels here in Amsterdam.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is quite anxiety-producing, considering I don’t have any close friends directly affected.

I think I feel slightly less Covid-tired? It’s hard to quantify, especially with long-distance travel and time off work.

1 Note

There is so much news and analysis about Putin’s attack on Ukraine, and I’ve been consuming much of it. Distracting myself, in a way, from the simple truth of unprovoked war on the European continent, driven by a nuclear-equipped madman. I can no longer delay the dread of it.