Week 2515

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Shannon is really in the depths of management stress. I can’t really be helpful except with moral support, but even empathizing means I have taken on some of the anxiety.

This weekend we saw Trevor Noah live at the Ziggo Dome, went to a movie theater for the first time since 2019 (the Tuschinski with the comfy sofas for Everything Everywhere All At Once), and celebrated Bar Oldenhof’s anniversary with fellow regulars. (We need a word for relationships that are not yet friendships but neither merely parasocial.) Contrary to last week or most of the last two years, this feels like a healthy level of social activity.

I’m really bad at ceramics! But I am inspired enough to pursue some crazy ideas, and that’s the point.

1 Note

With delegatecall you can build updatable logic on blockchain.

This new “trustless” infrastructure will work out great, as long as you trust the other participants. 🤦