Week 2518

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Shannon’s stressful work situation reached its crescendo this week. Mine was a productive but not noteworthy week mostly spent coordinating plans and feeling trapped between operations and strategy.

On Friday I got in a ride and then went out for drinks. Saturday was a house party, with a bit too much to drink. Sunday was a delightful club event on a boat and then Bar 27. Drank way too much. Tonight (Monday) we will go to a candelight string quartet performance and I will avoid drinking too much.

2 Notes

I’m boring, but I ❤️ seeing all the identity exploration these days.

As a mere ally, I fly the old SF pride flag to broadcast the value of diverse society. Pride flag

And that of @HRC because we have to work towards realizing it. Human Rights Campaign logo

TIL I may call my stack of papers a vertically oriented, containerless Noguchi Filing System.