Week 2533

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Lou’s diagnosis set this week off to a bad start.

Then I saw a specialist who confirmed my self-diagnosis of my vision problems (likely caused by a concussion) but for now I can only hope my brain re-adjusts and we’ll do more extensive tests again in two months. It was comforting to have my understanding confirmed by an expert, yet unsettling to serve as a case study for her students.

It’s really exhausting to visually focus for long, which makes screen use difficult. I feel supported by coworkers but also self-conscious about my fragility.

And then on Thursday I sliced my left index finger with a bread knife, just shy of needing a stitch, I think. Sheesh.

On a more positive note: we had another fancy dinner party on Saturday. The guest list this time was a very fun group but maybe not as epicurean as Jeroen’s cooking deserves.