Week 2537

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Thursday was our first ADE event, with last-minute tickets (thanks to Dylan) for Worakls. It was a great show, with a much better crowd than the last time we were at NDSM Loods.

It’s also maybe where Shannon got COVID. I got my vaccine booster on Friday, she tested positive on Saturday. We had to cancel our plans for the Mystic Garden/Dockyard festival. and begin isolating.

We also learned on Friday that our offer was accepted on the studio. It’s exciting and stressful that our short time being concerned with only one property is over.

Work is in a weird liminal space of planning for the future amidst uncertainty. My calendar was less packed than usual, but I feel even more overwhelmed with interactions.

1 Note

Our house features a view of the backstage loading area of the Carré Theater. It’s fun to watch the logistics of a wide variety of shows and their respective levels of technical support and security.

Today, I’m very amused to see the unusually nerdy crowd queued up for the Muse show, and lined up in front of our house hoping to see the band arrive. With lots of colored hair, slightly punk style, and not-very-Dutch somatotypes, they made me feel like I was back home on Seattle’s Capitol Hill.