Week 2545

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We got a new indoor trainer setup (for the new bikes) just in time for the winter weather. So I’m riding indoors again. It’s different but still rewarding, especially to get prolonged podcast time in.

Also got podcast time in at Pansa on Wednesday, probably the last focused time there. We cancelled our memberships, and Atelier Awful won’t be really usable for some time, still. That takes a lot of my attention, lately, planning and purchasing flooring, lighting, etc.

Work attention has turned to the end-of-year HR activities. I work with too many different people, so get an overwhelming amount of requests for feedback.

Today (Sunday) I took a general intelligence test as part of a recruiting process. I know I tend to test well and shouldn’t self-doubt, but these tests that make you balance accuracy and time are incredibly stressful. Aiming for speed means I inevitably will realize I just answered one incorrectly, and that’s a hard feeling to repress. And then I start thinking about how that’s probably a part of the test itself, judging how quickly I move on from failure. Which I’m thinking about instead of moving on from failure, etc.