Week 2565

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Back from the intense two weeks in Prague, I feel fully immersed in Canonical. I’ll have to make time for the traditional LinkedIn announcements and all that, but my first impressions are positive. The organization is less structured than I expected, the savviness of individuals is higher, and I’m particularly impressed by how openly earnest the culture is.

It also exposed me directly to Mark, the founder and CEO, who might be described as controversial. He’s a strong leader, so if it turned out he was an asshole or child like so many tech founders, it would really reduce my enthusiasm. So perhaps the best news of these two weeks is that I came back respecting him and my peers, and looking forward to working with them all.

As much as I’m enjoying the thrown-into-the-deep-end saturation, I’m intensely glad to be back home. So the highlight of the week was at the end, when Shannon and I got out for an Abcoude–Rondehoep ride together this morning.