Week 2574

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Shannon’s now-previous employer is going through drama that may not directly affect her but really hits the social network hard.

On Monday we attended a VvE meeting for the atelier, where all of the discussion was in Dutch. We felt quite welcomed and people offered to translate, but we were both mostly able to follow along. It’s exhausting, though, and requires so much focus, I felt as if I’d been working out all evening.

On Wednesday, Amsterdam experienced a ridiculous storm that exposed how poorly recent work on the drainpipes in the atelier’s building had been done. The result was out space being flooded with an incredible amount of rainwater and rooftop debris. Shannon heroically cleaned it all up on Thursday while I worked and we got plumbers out to address the root causes on Friday and scheduled for next week. But as I write this on Sunday the building maintenance service has still not made any effort to help us dry the place out, so I’m increasingly worried about mold.

The symmetry with The Artificial garage flood is tragically poetic.

On Friday, I met a colleague in person, which reminds me how I miss in-person work interactions already. Once every six months will not be sufficient, I’ll have to find ways to connect with other Canonicallers.