Week 2578

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Although I’m a little past my first 90 days, the way I started work during a gathering makes this feel like the end of my first 3 months. Generally, I’m in a good place and feel like I know what’s important, where my attention is best spent, and have the trust of stakeholders I need. But I also still feel overwhelmed with the overall scope and haven’t managed to delegate sufficiently. I’m getting there.

Our highlight of the week was definitel yhosting bunch on Saturday for gathering prior to the Pride parade.

2 Notes

Whether or not AOH1996 or LK-99 amount to anything, I’m loving the week of science optimism.

We’ve finally watched The Peripheral, a TV adaptation of William Gibson’s book of the same name. It’s a solid example of the philosophical science fiction I prefer, using imaginary technology and futures to consider issues of psychology and society.

One of my favorite aspects, though, is the depiction of modern Appalachian (including Ozark) culture. It reflects the economic insecurity, cultural tensions, and distinct language of the region. Most of all, it doesn’t dilute that character for the protagonists, but allows this flavor of America to be compatible with intelligence and cunning.