Week 2595

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It was only a three-day workweek, having to burn the days off I earned with the trip to Riga. Naturally, that meant the short week felt more rushed than usual, but not thing worth kvetching about.

On Thursday, Ryan joined us in the Atelier, and Shannon and I went to a little industry event that was a little “agency life” nostalgic but also an uncomfortable reminder of how much self-important shallow thinking pervades the industry.

On the clay front, I cut new stencils for a layers model, a rubber duck, so I can finally move on from bunnies. On Sunday I assembled it, and it’s working better than I expected.

1 Note

I am fascinated by prompt hacking that uses emotional appeals to affect the behavior of LLMs. A long-lived LLM might be used to prototype manipulation techniques, perhaps by other models in an adversarial training arrangement.

In any event, many humans may learn social interactions by interacting with them as much as or instead of with peers. I’m not sure if that’s troubling or promising!