Week 2601

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The ball was great, but there are definitely some travel lessons to learn.

Because of the German strike, we ended up flying there (KLM first class) and taking the train back (ÖBB NightJet with a private couchette). The experience with ÖBB was pretty bad; they didn’t cancel until 3 hours beforehand, which means we had to buy refundable plane tickets as a fallback. Their communication was very transactional as if all we would care about was the cost of the ticket. As a customer, of course, what I really care about is getting to my destination.

At least we got to return on the night train. I want to love this more than I do, but the NightJet cots are terrible, and it’s a hassle arriving/leaving another city too early or late to have a hotel room. We returned early on Monday (when I write this) and I went to work, but I’ve been too fatigued to be effective and should have taken the day off anyway.

Add to this that flights are typically much cheaper, especially if you’re willing to fly discount, and it’s a wonder that the night trains are growing as much as they are. I guess there are enough of us who consider the environmental benefit worth it, but I’d sure love to see an operator that treats me more like KLM does.