Week 2613

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I’ve started to pass idle time by reviewing my Twitter archives, curating for additions to /notes/ and bookmarks. This is clearly going to take a very long time, and it’s interesting how many otherwise-dormant memories are triggered. (I’ve made it to 2012 so far.)

Work is a bit overwhelming this month. Not any one topic, but a little too much of everything as we head into a semiannual cycle.

2 Notes

If the feedback you give is always critical or always affirmative, you’re probably not being constructive.

Back in 2011 when Microsoft demoed them, I didn’t see that communication avatars (sorry, “Personas”) would be useful for AR; strapping an iPad to my face was a distant dream. I think I still believe the real value will be in facing emotional states, though. https://twitter.com/gerwitz/status/84311406148718593