Week 2616

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Finally I have candidates making it to interviews with me. I hope this fortells team growth picking back up.

I’m glad I was in town for Koningsnacht and Koningsdag this year, the weather was delightful. Though with whatever intense flu I’m on the tail end of leading to a sinus infection, I had to dose up on sudafed to enjoy them. I was especially glad Ryan and Kelly got to enjoy Mokum in proper celebration mode.

2 Notes

I see a lot of experts-of-the-day gnashing teeth over @rabbit@threads.net being “exposed” for using puppeted Android apps in the cloud:

What did you all think they were using? Hand-wavy AI magic you’ve been pretending to understand? Some secret Android API that app developers have been quietly implementing just for them?

This is the obvious way to pull off what they’re doing with today’s ecosystem. It’s funky and pushing the envelope in ways that deserve scrutiny for security and privacy, but isn’t this what “innovation” is supposed to look like?

A parable of our decade in two pieces of nearly-identical hardware:

In 2012 we had the Descriptive Camera using Mechanical Turk, as a thought provoking student project and a blog post.

In 2024 we get the Poetry Camera using AI, with a slick website and signups for buying one.