Slower traffic keep right

Highway 40 (I-64 if you’re not from around these parts) has a little curve through the Hi Pointe neighborhood. It’s not much of a curve, but it is cut through a ridge and under an intersection, which means massive retaining walls and a series of overpasses.

Apparently, this intimidates people, because they all slow down significantly for this stretch. Particularly those in large sofas-on-wheels. This causes a backup during the rush hours. Not enough to send me on a rant about the impact on the environment and local economy, but enough to get on my nerves.

It’s also enough of a bottleneck that the Missouri Department of Transportation plans to tear up the entire area and somehow simplify the section.

The backup is caused by two behaviors: people who slow down for this curve do so across all lanes, so there’s no means for those comfortable with it to get through. Then, those who wish to go faster will dance from lane to lane trying to find a way through, which adds to the discomfort of those behind them and lowers the overall traffic speed.

The whole situation seems simply addressed by a solution that doesn’t involve large construction projects: start enforcing the law.

Not the speed limit law. Unbeknownst to many, there are other laws that pertain to driving. Namely, pass only on the right, and move to the right only when passing.

How novel.

I posted this in April 2003 during week 1521.

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