Merriweather and William

Trailnet’s Lewis and Clark bicentennial ride was advertised as “kid friendly” because the short route was only 14 miles, flat, and a simple there-and-back path that required only as much commitment as the distance you travelled before turning back.

The 46 mile route I took (after tagging along for the medium route with Mike on his new hybrid) took that same path on the way back. It’s the gravel MCT trail that tops the levee along the Chain of Rocks canal. Which means it is poorly paved (I think just lime might be more smooth), windy, and requires climbing to and crossing the steel-grate-bed bridge over the canal.

Anyone who believed this was a good ride to introduce the family to cycling probably sorely regrets it.

metrics: distance: 46 mi

I posted this in May 2004 during week 1575.

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