Bank Holiday

It turns out that today was a Bank Holiday Monday (seemingly unrelated to May Day) so everyone was on holiday and the attractions were as busy as ever.

Starbucks again this morning, because it was convenient (read: ubiquitous). Somehow this doesn’t feel as inauthentic as eating at any of the numerous McDonalds, KFCs, or Pizza Huts would… is that because it’s just a quick breakfast, or because I accept the brand?

There are no wastebins to be found in most public places, but also no litter. How is that? Everyone appears to just carry their trash with them until they get home.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is beautiful, but I think I suffer from Majestic Church Fatigue after visiting St. Peter’s in Rome. The view from the cupola is well worth the climb.

We avoided the crowds by taking the Tube and a nice walk to the suburb of Wimbledon for a tour of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Visiting center court is the highlight of the trip so far for Kristan the tennis nut.

Not having much time left before places close, we squeezed in a visit to Tower Bridge (you know, that big ornate one that Americans think is London Bridge) for dozens more photos. I have many hundreds already, sifting is going to be a chore.

The hotel concierge helped us relocate Yo Sushi in Soho, which features the typical conveyor belt model of grabbing whatever passes by and looks yummy. Kristan’s food was great, my sushi was good but nothing to write about (and yet, I write about it here).

After we moseyed by Leicaster Square for some tourist kitsch and ice cream, Kristan jumped onto a train as the doors closed and left me standing alone on the Green Park platform. Much humorous drama ensued until we met up under Big Ben for some night photos. Have I mentioned I’m taking too many photos?

I posted this in May 2006 during week 1678.

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