Last Day in London

I love it when a vacation is long enough that it winds down and you run out of “must do” items and can just relax in the city. Got some ibuprofen gel for Kristan’s sore legs, and a much needed 8 hours of sleep.

We strolled up to Buckingham to watch the changing of the guard, which is an even bigger spectacle than I expected and involved far to much time crowded by rude American tourists.

I was disappointed to learn that Sommerset House’s micromosaics were mostly offline, but finally found the museum at Royal College of Surgeons to see a dizzying collection of anatomical specimens, including the left hemisphere of Charles Babbage’s brain. Kristan was predictably nonplussed.

A walk down Strand led to lunch at a Italian place with fresh pasta and run by immigrant family. The posters there inspired a walk by Leicester’s tkts stand to learn that nothing in theatres was of interest. Crossing the Golden Jubilee bridge led to the London Eye with no queue on a clear day, from whence we walked back to the hotel for some time doing nothing at all.

Finally, we went to Harry Ramsden’s in Picadily Circus for fish & chips, which was a boring tourist-oriented chain. Again to Leicester for ice cream before calling it a night.

I posted this in May 2006 during week 1678.

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