On to the Continent

Shopping glamourous Old Bond Street for underwear proved misguided, so we ended at Debenhams. Buying new was cheaper than the laundry service at the hotel and self-service laundries are rare and seedy (the police we asked did not advised that tourists who could afford our hotel would be wise to avoid the only one anywhere nearby).

I’m certain that you, gentle reader, do not care about my shopping for underwear. This is my soliloquy, read at your own risk.

Eurostar’s chunnel train was painless. I can’t imagine how much smaller America would seem if we had fast and accessible rail service.

Checked into room 11 at the Hotel Louvre Sainte Anne. Great location, good service, clean room (small, of course, but this is the 1st Arrondale, c’est la vie).

Went looking for dinner, found Hard Rock and ate there… American food off an English menu. At least it was sidewalk seating. Not ready to call it a night, we walked to Opera Garnier, then past Napolean’s ego tower (La Colonne) in Place Vendome to Jardin des Tuileries (no sight of the carnival I visited in 2002). Missed getting the Obelisque glinting in the sunlight by mere moments, but walked up Champs-Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe and climbed before all light was gone. At 10, Tour Eiffel sparkled with strobe lights for a quarter hour, it’s amazing to behold and was quite a surprise. We noticed there’s a lift only after climbing back down the stairs, and consoled ourselves with ice cream on the Avenue before finally taking the train back.

I posted this in May 2006 during week 1678.

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