Paris at week's end

Saturday’s breakfast was a bag of small pastries near Hotel de Ville. Then we were off to Notre Dame and the punishing climb to the top of the south tower. Many, many more photos.

The hotel was able to hook us up with Moulin Rouge reservations, but only as part of a package including a river cruise.

Then out to Roland Garros so Kristan can continue her “tennis Grand Slam venues” tour. We missed the tours, so we ended up taking a very long walk for a very short visit primarily to the gift shop. My feet officially called it quits on the way back. We grabbed snacks at a grocery and ducked the oncoming rain for a nap at the hotel.

And just before the alarm was to ring, the fire alarm went off. That will get you up in a hurry! Turns out the woman manning the front desk had tripped it on accident.

Now wide awake, we braved the rain for dinner in Louvre Square at Le Musset Cafe, which Kristan proclaimed the best food of the entire trip. The ensuing river cruise was a non-event, the rain and foggy windows meant there wasn’t much to see, and we’ve seen it all regardless.

So finally at 11:30, Feere at Moulin Rouge: a mix of some Blue Man Group style antics, a topless woman swimming with huge pythons, a bit of Cirque de Soleil feats of flexibility and strength, and at least an hour’s worth of Fanta commercial with boobies.

Some sleep, to Starbucks for a mug, then trains to the airport. Charles de Gaulle is remarkably unmarked, and there is no clue via the approaching train which stop you’ll want. Prior experience caused me enough concern that we comfortably made boarding after a long queue for security, and we’ve a power outlet at our seats, so it’s all good.

I posted this in May 2006 during week 1678.

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