Moved to North Capitol Hill

We were ready to commit to Seattle, and each other, and money was good. So we bought a townhouse in the North Broadway area, amusingly on the same street as our apartment. I sold a lot of Apple stock so we could barely afford this place, and it happened to be at the bottom of the market dip.

The neighborhood is a gem, sitting at the confluence of hipster and wealth. I often described it as one of the only areas in the US where a neighbor walking their dog might be a tattoo artist who’s moved from middle America and is struggling to pay West Coast rent, or a millionaire that hasn’t worked since they cashed out from Microsoft. You might not be able to tell from their attire or attitude.

The house itself was new but charming, with an adequate patch of garden in back. We put a lot of effort into making it our ideal home, which makes it loom large in my memory.