Week 2359

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Work is fine, but the pace of change is excruciating. There is a healthy culture of “just do it and ask forgiveness” here, but to pursue the improvements I want requires resources and mandates that I cannot unilaterally assume. It’s possible I need to be more bold in making proposals, though.

The weather is good, financial stress should be alleviated by the house sale, I have fun side projects (markdown-it-sidenotes and sitewriter).

Yet I’m not feeling comfortable at all. Instead, I’m not sure I’ve felt so persistently uneasy since I stopped worrying about paying for food. Hopefully the next two weeks of holiday disrupt my chi.

2 Notes

The interregnum is over; happy kilogram day! http://www.worldmetrologyday.org/

The algorithms may be running (or ruining) society, but it’s not only Russian trolls that have learned how to tame them: https://wjla.com/news/local/uber-and-lyft-drivers-fares-at-reagan-national