Week 2360

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We’re on the family circuit and have stayed in Chicago, St. Louis, and Edwardsville. It’s gone smoothly except for some Amtrak delays; the state of passenger rail in the US is an embarrassment.

The summer weather reminds me how much I love Chicago and how glad I am to have left St. Louis. Every trip back here seems to evoke a different sort of memory. This time, I’m really struck by sameness. It’s as if the entire metropolis is a vast machine with residents born into one end and on rails until the end. Sure there’s variety in degrees but the number of possible life directions feels constrained.

Next we’re off to Minneapolis for a different kind of nostalgia at Eyeo.

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Current status: developing drinking games based on the TV meteorologists warning us of incoming tornadoes.

Did you all already know the recycling symbol is not radially symmetric? How am I just noticing this? ♻️