Week 2361

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We’re back home and jet-lagged.

Eyeo was interesting. It has become so socially conscious that at times it can feel like the theme is social justice conference more than data arts. This is refreshing, but doesn’t feel well-integrated (yet). There is some room for maturity, too, as when a panel member shamed an audience member for working for the military.

As a result, I came away with many thoughts (work-relevant) but not as much “build something” inspiration as with the 2010–2012 editions. Shannon was very inspired by Mother Cyborg and I’m excited about where this will take her book project.

I feel good about how much “appear in person” personal paperwork we got done this trip.

2 Notes

Quantifying the Bay Area’s disconnect from the real world: https://huyenchip.com/2019/05/28/metrotwitter.html

This slide from @moritz_stefaner encapsulates much of my feelings from #Eyeo2019.